Watch industry and strategy of titan watches

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1 Titan Watches The integrated Marketing Communication Strategy Indian Watch industry is estimated to be around USD and Titan is riding on top of it with a market share of over 60% and 5th largest watch manufacturer in the world%(1).

Consumer Behaviour and Brand Preference of Titan Watches –An empirical study with reference to 2 | Page.

Mar 01,  · New billionaire Hussain Sajwani has transformed the desert skyline with luxury apartments and lavish mansions using outrageous marketing strategies (Free lamborghini, anyone?). He's weathered the. Titan Watches – the integrated Marketing Communication Strategy Indian Watch industry is estimated to be around crores and Titan is riding on top of it with a market share of over 60% and 5 th largest watch manufacturer in the world.

Firstly it is important to understand the overall wrist watch industry in UK.

Marketing and Communication Strategy of Titan Industries' Watch Division

Secondly to study the brand positioning and re-positioning strategy of Titan wrist watches and to find out whether the loyal consumers of TITAN watches aware of the new positioning strategies of the company and how they perceive them.

Watch industry and strategy of titan watches
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