Vietnams inflation

Vietnam’s inflation hits 16 percent in first half

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Vietnam's economy since reform in 1986

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Trade News

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Vietnam’s Economic Hiccups. He says that while inflation is a "worldwide phenomenon this year," Vietnam’s inflation is considerably higher than average, which suggests that internal.

Apr 28,  · Inflation reached % in the first quarter ofafter averaging % in and % in In on average, we expect inflation to remain below the official target of 5% as administrative price pressures ease.

Detailed guidance on emerging opportunities in infrastructure construction and the impact of Decree 15 on public private partnerships in Vietnam. Against the backdrop of low inflation, monetary policy remains accommodative.

Vietnam’s consumer price index has been ticking up slightly at percent (year on year) in the Aprildriven by electricity and health services price hikes.

Vietnam Economic Statistics and Indicators

Looking forward, we estimate Inflation Rate in Vietnam to stand at in 12 months time. In the long-term, the Vietnam Inflation Rate is projected to trend around percent inaccording to our econometric models.

Vietnams inflation
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