Sea sponges

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Sea Sponges

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Dead Sea Sponges (Natural)

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Exotic Seafans,Barnacles,Sponges,Broken Coral, Beach Sand,Reef Rock,Real Fish Nets. Click any picture for a larger image.

Natural Sea Sponge and Sea Sponges

General Information about Sea Turtles Why Are Sea Turtles So Special? Modern science shows that sea turtles have been swimming the Earth's oceans for well over million years-. The unintended retention of foreign objects (URFOs) – also called retained surgical items (RSIs) – after invasive procedures can cause death, and surviving patients may sustain both physical and emotional harm, depending on the type of object retained and the length of time it is retained.

Mar 11,  · A sponge might not look like much, but these simple animals with no brain or ability to move have lived on Earth for hundreds of millions of years.

They can. I purchased these as an economical alternative to other sea sponges that are marketed for menstrual use. I prepared and sanitized them using instructions on the Jade and Pearl site.

Sea sponges
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