Older workers

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Think older workers struggle with technology? Think again

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10 Best Jobs for Americans Over 65

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Department of Labor Celebrates National Employ Older Workers Week

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Help and support for older workers

These strategies help veteran employees stay current and valuable as workplaces become younger and more tech-focused. Millions of older workers who want a job can't find work. Data says age discrimination is a factor. If they do work, their wages are lower. If you were one of them, here's your chance to do better next time.

Jan 04,  · Are older workers taking jobs from young? CHICAGO (AP) — It's an assertion that has been accepted as fact by droves of the unemployed: Older people remaining on.

In addition, older workers may be willing to take a little less to get the job they want or extra benefits. A retail business, for instance, might offer employee discounts on purchases or schedule flexibility during the work week to accommodate personal needs.

Over the last decade, European labour markets have seen a surge in the number of older workers in work and a continuous decline in their unemployment rates.

A lot of young and middle-aged workers lost their jobs in the Great Recession, but not so the older age group. This favourable state of affairs.

Older workers
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Workers over 50 are the new 'unemployables'