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How To Buy The Right Size Watch For Your Wrist | 5 Tips For Purchasing Proportional Watches

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How to Size Wristwatch Bands

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Want to win a short from MVMT?. Jul 10,  · How to Wear a Watch. In this Article: Article Summary Wearing a Wrist Watch Properly Choosing the Right Wrist Watch for the Occasion Wearing a Pocket Watch Properly Community Q&A Watches come in many different styles and sizes, and can be worn as a functional accessory or a stylish piece of jewelry by both men and women%(63).

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Generally speaking if you have a smaller wrist, you will want a smaller watch. If you have a larger wrist you will want a larger watch.

Let's break that down a little bit more into 5 key elements.

How To Buy The Right Size Watch For Your Wrist | 5 Tips For Purchasing Proportional Watches

Find great deals on eBay for wrist watches. Shop with confidence. Jul 23,  · Paul59 - I was stating the difference between wearing a watch on my wrist, which would get more movement as it would be on my arm, rather than a pocket watch which would be in my pocket, therefore would not get moved by my actions as much as a wrist watch.

Some watch bands come in lengths that are marked "regular." If the length of the wrist is smaller or larger than average size, it will be necessary to take a measurement. This can be done by either measuring the existing strap, or it can also be done by measuring the length of the wrist.

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How To Buy The Right Size Watch For Your Wrist | 5 Tips For Purchasing Proportional Watches My wrist watch
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