Installation of bts

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DORMA BTS75V Series door closer

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Dorma BTS80/B Installation Instructions - Epivots

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TMH Telecom Focus On: Training, Safety, Own Skillful Technicians Team, Standard Implementation, Quality Control. The ideal solution for professionals performing clinical gait analysis. Our system integrates EMG, kinematic and dynamic motion analysis. BTS GAITLAB is the only motion capture system on the market using the most advanced technology which is designed and produced by the same company.

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The BTS 84 is a double-action floor spring which has been specially developed for the aluminum and toughened glass door industries. The BTS 84 has many of the features of the other DORMA BTS closers with the addition of reduced depth and an array of accessories designed for the aluminum door fabricator and toughened glass door manufacturer.

The BTS 80 Series of floor-concealed door closers offer adaptability to almost any installation. The closers compact body permits its use where a larger closer would be prohibitive. Versatility allows installation in thin slab concrete subfloor construction.

A wide selection of interchangeable spindles makes the BTS80 suitable for virtually any floor covering or threshold application.

Installation of bts
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