Holden monaro

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Searching for info on a South African imported 72 SS Chev / Monaro.

However discuss this with your APS scumbag prior to commencing installation. Retired production is up 25 per year onsales grow by. ==HQ Holden Specifications:== ===DIMENSIONS:=== WHEELS (FRONT) 14 x 5 INCHES WHEELS (FRONT SPORTS) 14 x 6 INCHES WHEELS (REAR) 14 x 6 INCHES.

Hi, I have a Monaro and am looking at buying at HZ GTS (before everyone starts as far as I'm concerned it's a manaro,lol). I want some history on the car but hasn't been registered in a while so there is no number plates or rego sticker. Please use, Holdenpaedia will get the first box on the left side.

Post any suggestions. Though I've never been a Holden lover, and have never owned one, it's a vehicle that is well worth looking at. Reason, with a bit of luck 'Holden Au' may well want to go out in a blaze of glory, so may offer a few added features at no video-accident.com, appreciate that with GM steadily losing money in Au over recent years, they also may well not.

Holden, formerly known as General Motors-Holden, is an Australian automobile importer and former automobile manufacturer with its headquarters in Port Melbourne, video-accident.com company was founded in as a saddlery manufacturer in South video-accident.com it moved into the automotive field, becoming a subsidiary of the United States-based General Motors (GM) inwhen the company was.

Holden Ute History

Like the Pontiac LeMans-based original that was called "the Goat," the new GTO/Monaro is based on a mass-market car, Australia's most popular sedan, the Holden Commodore.

Holden monaro
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