Deserted village synonym

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Reference to the Context Introduction The lines given for explanation are an extract from the poem The Deserted Village written by Oliver Goldsmith. The poem presents two contrasting pictures of an Irish village which fell a victim to the cruelty and inhuman treatment of the feudal lords.

The simpler, hardworking rustics were forced to leave. Nov 24,  · Oliver Goldsmith – “The Deserted Village” (ctd.) The poet addresses politicians directly, asking them whether this is a desirable state of affairs when. Definition of deserted - (of a place) empty of people.

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A-Z. Length-+ Outside the village street was deserted; there. An abandoned village is a village that has, for some reason, been deserted.

In many countries, and throughout history, thousands of villages were deserted for a variety of causes. Abandonment of villages is often related to plague, famine, war, climate change, environmental destruction, or deliberate clearances.

Deserted village synonym
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