A diary of despair by a heroin addict

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Closet Full of Coke: A Diary of a Teenage Drug Queen

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St. Jude Prayer for Addiction

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Drowning My Sorrows

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I fourth that to join another group for berieved reports would'nt work. Ben Diary of a Heroin Addict (English, Paperback) Anne Rogers. As a young man from a loving, middle class family living in a small English village, Ben Rogers appeared to have it all?.but then he found drugs.

As his life descended into chaos and despair, Ben began to chronicle his daily struggles with the aid of. Don’t despair. Life’s tough sometimes, yes. And then we die, yes.

But there is much beauty to be made along the way, by playing the tough pieces with perseverance, tenacity, and by exuding a. i am a heroin and cocaine addict and every day i see destruction all around me,i came from a very loving home and chose my own path,god i regret it,i wish i could do my mother+father happy.i am 10 yrs heroin,10 years,coke,4 m3ethadone clinics and tryed everything,i have 1 more chance,go nless you.

Skagboys is a novel by Scottish writer Irvine Welsh. It is a prequel to his novel Trainspotting, and its sequel Porno.

It follows the earlier lives of characters Renton and Sick Boy as they first descend into heroin addiction. Jun 28,  · I had a really hard time detoxing off heroin and opiates for awhile and went through hell and back, but eventually I got myself clean and made through the other side and got my life back a day at a time, your so brave and I admire you for going through your detox of codeine and sharing your story, that's also very brave of you and it helps.

im a heroin addict just six months clean. by the grace of god my parents live in a rural area and i met someone in the military. i have hep c from the needle and i have absolutley no veins left at all/10().

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